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Property lawyers offer a personal service in many areas of property such as property development, property options, off the plan contracts, strata title schemes, gst on property transactions, joint venture agreements, and much more.

How not to be caught when purchasing a property, and equip yourself with the correct knowledge.

Get the right legal advice prior to selling or buying

When you have decided to sell or buy a property, You need someone who can represent with preparation of all documentation necessary to settle the Property. If you’re buying, you may also need someone to review the Contract of Sale that comes with a property advertised. Your best to engage the services of someone who can provide a broad scope of conveyancing services, so that you can be confident you are fully protected and all the legal paperwork necessary for settlement will be done on your behalf. This is where the distinction between a Lawyer and Conveyancer is so important.

Seek a Lawyer Specialising in Property

Conveyancers can either possess the qualifications necessary to practice conveyancing or they can be qualified as a lawyer. If you decide to use a conveyancer who is not a lawyer, the rule of thumb is that they need to be fully licensed, otherwise they can’t practice conveyancing at all!

Furthermore, it is important to bear in mind that conveyancers who are not lawyers are limited in the scope of conveyancing services they can provide you. This is because certain services can only be executed by lawyer.

For example, if you have Contract of Sale that requires a review of the acceptable and unacceptable terms or risks associated with buying the property, only a lawyer can provide this service followed by written advice.

Property Certification and Power of Attorney

If you require a Power of Attorney to sign the Contract, it must be certified by a lawyer and the certified copy to be provided at settlement. If you are selling, the Contract of Sale and Vendor’s Statement must be prepared by lawyer. A conveyancer who is not a lawyer legally cannot perform these type of services, and must therefore rely on the help of a lawyer. As a result, you may be charged an extra fee.

Property Lawyers can offer these services, plus many more

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