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Subdivide and Profit

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Items to Consider Before Purchasing Land

When considering a lot to subdivide check that the town council policies support subdividing and that the zoning requirements are met by Council. This can be done by completing a feasibility study and that you have an experienced people assisting you through the development.

Purchase a block to subdivide where a lot of properties have been already subdivided as makes it easier for valuers to establish what your property will be worth at the end of the project.

Part of the process of subdividing will mean allocating the intended new lot offer – water, sewage, electricity and storm water draining. However, connecting the property to some of these services can be so again it is important to look into this prior to purchasing the property.

Connecting electricity is easy. Water reticulation isn’t usually a concern either, because it’s pressurised. What is important is that you need to look at is sewage and storm water drainage.

Benefits of Subdividing

If you ever had doubts about choosing the right property to subdivide, or if you’re unsure where to start register now to attend our next Town Planning Webinar.

Otherwise you might just be missing out on the many ways to create wealth through Subdivision.

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