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How To Buy A Property Using Equity

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Using your home equity to buy property

If you have owned your home for several or more years, there is a good chance that you’ve built up some decent equity at that point. You can then use this money to purchase a second home, or even something along the lines of an investment property. In particular, if you are interested in the notion of investing in a property, this might be your best bet towards getting the funds you require.

The first step will be to find out how much you have stored up in your home. From this point, you are going to be able to begin to make a plan for your future. There are a few simple things you are going to want to keep in mind.

Buying Property With Equity

Equity refers to the difference between the market value of a property, and the current standing of your mortgage. Let’s imagine you would like to invest in a property that comes out to around 550, 000 dollars, which includes all of the additional fees, legal costs, and so forth. If you meet the requirements for a loan, you can receive a loan that can cover up to eighty percent of the amount you actually need to purchase the investment property. Using the value of your home, you can potentially come up with the money you need to finish the purchase amount.

Let’s say you have a balance of 300,000 dollars on a home that is valued at 600, 000 dollars. Your equity is going to be the difference between those two figures, which comes out to 300,000 dollars. You can then apply some of those funds to getting the money needed for the property.

Remember that an investor can get as much as eighty percent of whatever the difference between your value and mortgage. Keep in mind that some lenders are willing to give you as much as ninety percent of the equity in your home. Your investment property will be as good as yours. This is perhaps the most straightforward path to getting the property you are going to come across, short of simply coming up with the money on your own. Since most of us can’t do that, it makes sense then to focus on figuring out how much we can take from the current value and mortgage our homes.

Just remember to repay your home loan as quickly as possible. The loan on your home can wind up costing a great deal more than the loan on your investment.

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