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The Landscape of The Northern Brisbane Property Market

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A Current Overview of the Northern Brisbane Property Market

The Australian property market has been more focused on Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. The last few years have witnessed the emergence of Brisbane and countless other cities, mostly second tier towns and suburbs, becoming property hotspots. Brisbane has benefited from the widespread interstate migration and has also been a preferred destination for expats and immigrants.

While Brisbane remains a real estate hotspot, northern Brisbane is emerging as the most promising destination for investors as well as homebuyers. Many people consider northern Brisbane to have a rippling effect due to the city and the tourist destinations clubbing the shoreline of south east Queensland. There is more to it than meets the eye or what the normal perception is.

Brisbane transport

Northern Brisbane is already catered to by the Airport line, Caboolture line, Doomben line, Ferny Grove line, Shorncliffe line and Sunshine Coast line. Now, you also have the Kippa Ring line. The Moreton Bay Rail Link, Redcliffe Railway and Petrie to Kippa Ring railway, all of which are the names for the same railway network would connect Brisbane City and Kippa Ring. It is a dual-track rail line on the Redcliffe peninsula that would become a part of QR Citytrain suburban network. The network would extend from Petrie station and connect Kallangur, Murrumba Downs, Mango Hill, Mango Hill East, Rothwell and Kippa Ring. The railway lines would become operational in 2016. The initial test runs are done. Electrification and all other infrastructures are in place. As is natural in case of such developments, the stations and the adjoining areas will witness substantial development and the poised property appreciation makes it an interesting destination for investors.

Brisbane property

The northern Brisbane property market will also benefit from having its own university. Petrie Paper Mill is already undergoing the transformation to become the envisioned university hub. The upcoming university is expected to open its doors by 2020 and would enrol its first batch of students. The university will not only become a hub for students looking for quality education but it would also boost jobs and fuel specific industries. As with any such development, the real estate industry would be one of the first beneficiaries. The Moreton Bay university campus is expected to be home to about 10,000 students over a period of ten years. That’d be the first decade wherefrom it would expand further.

High growth in Northern Brisbane

The northern Brisbane property market has received massive growth with the building and extension of North Lakes shopping centre. Ikea and Costco are making their presence felt along with many other major international and domestic brands. The northern corridor of Brisbane is a fantastic investment opportunity for the above reasons. Check out our latest properties in Northern Brisbane.

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