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Units Vs. Houses What Should You Invest In?

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Capitalising On Your Property Investment

An investment property can be an amazing asset or it can be a blunder. It all depends on the type of investment property you are purchasing or have, how you intend to capitalise on your investment which is just another way of saying how you are going to use the property, who you would entrust with the responsibilities of managing your property and how well you attend to the financial challenges.

Many people interested in investment properties wonder if units are better propositions or houses are more promising. There is really no way of comparing units and houses against each other in a universal or generic way. One has to get into the specifics. Here is a units vs. houses analysis that should help you to understand the reality.

Look at Demand, Not Preference

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer units or houses because what counts is the type of property that is in demand in a given area. If you are thinking of Ibiza, then you may want to invest in a luxury villa. If you are thinking of New York City and particularly the busy streets, the houses are not really your options. If you are thinking of an idyllic suburb, then units are not even in contemplation. Houses and units both have their specific target audience and accordingly realtors have designed relevant residential, commercial and mixed use developments.

Who Are Your Target Audience

You may choose to work with a certain target audience. You may want to deal with families and in that case you must invest in houses. If you wish to target small young families who don’t need much space and would have to live in the cities, then consider a unit. If you don’t want to deal with families and would rather have the young adults, students or busy professionals then you should get units. They don’t want houses.

Substantial Differences Between Houses and Units

It wouldn’t always be a choice because there is a substantial difference between houses and units when it comes to prices. Units vs. houses in residential areas of cities and suburbs respectively may not have much of a difference. Large houses in suburbs and small units in cities may cost the same. But units in suburbs may cost a fraction of houses in those areas. Likewise, houses in cities will cost much more than units in the same areas. You will have a budget and your investment portfolio compulsions to influence your choice.

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