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Capitalise On The Equity Of Your Second Block of Land

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Add Value And Profit

Do you own a block of land that you don’t use right now or don’t have any specific plans for in the future?  Do you own a large home and need to downsize?  Do you own real estate that you are not capitalising upon right now?

Requirements change from time to time. Investors buy and sell blocks of land while converting the equity as and when they need more funds. Homeowners need to revise their requirements from time to time so they can make the most of their investment. More importantly, it is not very financially rewarding to hold onto assets that demand a financial commitment for upkeep and if you don’t have any specific plans. For instance, a large home is not easy to maintain for an ageing couple and since kids have moved out, the couple would need more money to secure their retirement and it makes sense to opt for a smaller living space, one may opt for strata titling or they can sell off a portion of the home. One may sell off the entire property and move into a newer, smaller and more affordable space.

Everyone should consider capitalising the equity of a block of land. It is possible that there is some unused land on your property, from the yard to a lawn and more. You may have a segregated or detached block of land that you would not develop. You may be able to free up some land from your existing estate or property which can be used to raise some equity.

Selling of your second block of land will offer generous returns. The capital gains can be used to fund the higher education of kids. The money can go into the retirement fund for the couple. The money could also be used to make a substantial down payment for the children to buy their own homes. There is a multitude of ways the capital gained from selling your second block of land can be used. You may also use the equity for some investments that would earn rich rewards in the future.

Having a block of land sit idle without any monetary gains and having to deal with the maintenance, upkeep and supervision of the place would not have any financial rewards. Capitalising on the equity may be optional but it can make a huge difference in the investments or expenses that you have to cater to right now or in the near future.

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