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The Benefits of Strata Titling Your Property

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About Strata Titled Properties

When you are looking for a solid investment opportunity, you do not have to look much further than real estate. The real estate market is filled with numerous investment opportunities that can be quite lucrative for you over time. One of the investment options that most people are not too familiar with involve strata titled properties. This type of a title is reserved for properties that are unique. It is important for you to learn more about what strata titled properties are and what the benefits of owning this type of property can be as an investment.

What is a Strata Title?

It is important that you understand what a strata title is and what types of properties it can be used for. It is essentially a subdivision of land that resides on a vertical plane. This means that instead of owning an entire complex or apartment building, you only own a small portion or part of a larger dwelling. You do not own all the units, but only a small amount of the units that exist. This means that strata titled properties that you can buy as an investment opportunity are not properties that are freestanding. Even though this type of property is not freestanding, it can still be a lucrative investment opportunity for property investors.

Here is a closer look at some of the benefits that are attainable with a strata titled property:


One of the biggest benefits that you can get access to with this type of investment is the ability to save the amount of money that you are required to invest. The cost of these types of properties are reduced. Instead of having to pay a high amount to invest in a freestanding property, you can pay a much smaller amount to invest in a strata titled property. If you are looking to limit risk, this can be a great investment option for you.


The upkeep and the maintenance of this property does not fall on you. When you buy this type of property, you will be paying strata fees that cover the upkeep and maintenance of the property. This means that you will not need to hire someone on your own to maintain the property like you would if you owned a freestanding home that was not strata titled in any way.

Release Equity

If you have a property and you have a large space of land or extra dwelling, you can potentially strata title the property and sell one side or rent out one side as a separate dwelling, this can release equity to invest elsewhere or use to support your children getting into their own home or their education.

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